1. netflix avery bennett movie marathon night. starting it off with the best: chasing liberty

  2. poor thing. she looks like she wants to murder everyone.
  3. "What is going on with us today?"

    "We’re having an off day, that’s all.".

  4. Anyone know if Avery Bennett had her baby??

  5. the ladies of bridesmaids
  6. "Your body goes through all these changes. Things you’ve read about or heard from girlfriends who’ve been pregnant. But then there’s the changes no one ever talks about and you’re left wondering is this normal? Should I be calling my doctor or something, the thought crosses my mind at least five times a day. But despite all the craziness with my body I’m actually really looking forward to being a mother. I’ve been carrying this little person around inside of me for so long, I can’t wait to see who they look like, what sort of personality they’ll grow into having. It’s one of the most amazing experiences a person can go through."
    - Avery Bennett on her pregnancy and impending motherhood.
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  8. Childhood loves: Kim Possible

  9. Still very pregnant Avery Bennett made a rare appearance out and about to remind us all there hasn’t been a Bennett-Cohen baby sighting yet. The actress, who’s reported due date is “early this year” stayed mum on the state of her uterus as she grabbed Starbucks with her sister fellow actress Haylee Bennett.