avery louise bennett

Avery Bennett’s life began on the movie set and will probably end with one as well. Her father the great James Bennett caught the eye of one Caroline Marshall on the set of one of his early films. Within six months of meeting the two were walking down the aisle, Caroline having big plans for her career now that she had hold of the Bennett name, it was going to be her ticket to stardom.

But as things normally go, it wasn’t all sunshine and happiness for the newlyweds. Less than a year after being married they discovered their family would be expanding. Children were something Caroline hadn’t planned on having until she had won at least two Oscars and now she faced things not going according to plan. She feared she’d never get back the momentum of her career that would be stalled by a pregnancy this early into her life plan.

Avery Louise Bennett entered the world on September 25, 1982, the first in line of the many girls James would go onto having. Despite her lack of a Y chromosome Avery became the light of her father’s life; growing up on his movie sets where she first discovered her love for the craft. But the picture perfect image the family gave off was far from accurate behind closed doors. Caroline was struggling to regain both her career and body after giving birth to her daughter, something she began to resent Avery for more and more with each movie role she was turned away from.

Avery was forced to grow up in a home where her parents were falling apart, James seeking comfort in his mistresses’ beds and Caroline with a bottle. Her acting career never took off again while James was becoming more and more a big star. Then the news of James getting one of his mistresses pregnant broke, finishing off what remained of the marriage between James and Caroline. James would move in with the mistress, his eyes on the prize of having a son to pass his namesake and lifeblood to, it was the first of many weddings in which Avery would be involved in.

But with whom her father was Avery knew the romantic notion wouldn’t last. Her father still hadn’t learned to be faithful, falling in bed with other woman seeking out something he couldn’t obtain, and Avery was forced to watch as another family began cracking at the seams under the pressure.

Acting was always something Avery had in common with her father, using it as a way to seek his affections and attention, something she struggled to obtain. Having her pedigree she was able to get auditions and other perks from connections that most actors had to work a lifetime for. By the time she was 12 Avery was itching to get on a soundstage herself. But any ideas of Avery following into the family business were placed on hold until she completed high school; despite his lack of involvement in her life her father didn’t want her to experience any of the horrors of being young in Hollywood. Avery reluctantly agreed after negotiating him into allowing her to do a couple of commercials here and there to get some experience under her belt.

Once high school was behind her Avery set her sights on Hollywood, determined to become an even bigger star than her father. She went the safest route getting an in with Disney, landing a role on their new original television shows, Even Stevens. Once she had her in with Disney Avery was set for the first part of her career, knowing Disney would take care of her as long as she kept up the wholesome child image, and kept her past indiscretions under wraps. But Avery wasn’t going to settle with just one television role, she continued to audition and put herself out there with both Disney and the outside world. As luck would have it she found herself getting another role with Disney, this time voicing a new cartoon they were working out. The role of Kim Possible would span five years, two movies and video games.

Once Kim Possible officially was shelved Avery would try and put space between her and Disney, taking on more adult roles to show her transition from the little girl she had been when starting out to the woman she was fast becoming. Her big break came in 2011 when she landed a supporting role in the Judd Apatow film, Bridesmaids. The film would receive critical praise for its female driven cast in the raunchy comedy category and for once people were looking at Avery for her acting skills rather than her last name. She was on a high no one could break.

But life for Avery would come to a screeching halt during early 2014. One night during the press junket for Neighbors Avery would confess over drinks to Brett Cohan, her costar in the film, about her small crush she had been harboring since they had worked together on The Five-Year-Engagement two years earlier but at the time he had been with his longtime girlfriend and Avery wasn’t one to go breaking up relationships like her father. One drink led to two then three and before long the two were making their way back to a hotel room giving into the urges they both felt. It was meant to be uncomplicated, he was currently single, they were no longer filming a movie and it would be a one-time thing. But their small uncomplicated thing became trouble once Avery discovered she was pregnant. Suddenly the two were forced to face the idea of becoming parents with someone they barely knew and Avery was placed into a position just like her mother all those years ago.

professional name avery bennett birth date & age september 25, 1982 & 32 occupation actor hometown los angeles, ca current residence malibu, california relationship status bun in the oven immediate family caroline bennett (mother), james bennett (father), haylee bennett (sister)

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